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Free Fonts for Procreate

Procreate is an easy-to-learn digital painting app with a clean and minimalist interface. It is available on iOS and best for creating eye-catching fonts on the go. Since the release of this app in 2011, it has been opening up several opportunities to artists like practicing hand lettering, tattoo art, and more. To use Procreate, you need an iPhone or iPad. The Procreate Pocket version is the best for quick sketches, and the good news is that anyone with an iPhone can use it. Some people are concerned about the high cost of fonts for Procreate. But the fact is that there are plenty of free fonts for Procreate that anyone can use. If you know how to use Procreate, you can download and use them at no cost.

How to Use Procreate

Here are some of the tricks that help pros to make the best use of Procreate:

Use Blend Modes Creatively

After selecting the best free font, focus on preventing the app from automatically covering one layer’s content with another layer. The pros open the Layers menu to access Blend Modes. They then tap on the letter “N” (Normal Mode). You can do the same to open up your Blend Modes menu and then use the options to darken, lighten, and much more and take the quality of your free fonts to a different level.

Master Basic Gestures

It’s fun to use ProCreate, and part of that comes down to the gesturing feature. You are going to love working on your canvas if you can master most gestures and shortcuts. In this way, you do not only enjoy creating but do so with more organization. You can also easily create stacks, move the canvas, share, delete, or preview your creations. Not all the gestures will be obvious, meaning learning is the only way to getting the best of what there is.

Discover Innovative Ways to Adjust the Colors

Having an iPad or Procreate is not the same as creating perfectly colored fonts. Your creativity counts a lot. If you want to be like experienced experts, find time to play around with the coloring methods. You can use Alpha Lock to stay within the lines of specific layers and change colors within the layers. To take full advantage of Alpha Lock, start by creating general shapes. Next, select “Alpha Lock” on your layer menu. But if you have mastered the basic gestures, you can use your fingers to swipe right. By doing this, you will not color outside the original shape’s lines.

Free Fonts

Since not all free fonts for Procreate are created equal, let us consider some of the best ones that we can find on the internet.

  • Countryside
  • Beautiful People
  • Lemon Jelly
  • Beauty Mountains
  • Bunch Blossoms
  • Tomatoes
  • Quick Kiss
  • Cinderela
  • Blackberry Jam
  • Bite Chocolate
  • Allessa
  • Calligraphy
  • Grestal Script regular
  • Caranda
  • Makeup
  • Vacations in paradise
  • Ambar pearl
  • Inked Skin
  • Romantica
  • Beautiful Bright
  • Alliance
  • Candice
  • Wisdom Words
  • Aromabar


Now that you have plenty of free fonts for Procreate to choose from, you can start creating your unique fonts straightaway. The app has a minimalist interface and is much easier to learn than many other drawing options.

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