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Free Fonts for PhotoShop

Whenever you need to add a bold and different element to your design, free fonts for PhotoShop are the best option. These graphic fonts may not work for every type of design. But whenever they do, you get something that is bold and is in-your-face, which means you can get the best results by using them as a focal point. You can also edit the fonts using PhotoShop to improve their value or make them suitable for your graphic design needs. Here are some of the free fonts for Photoshop that you can use:


Redwing is a free font for Photoshop that features thick and blocky character designs.  It is a free version that comes with two different weights. You can use any of them with your personal and commercial PhotoShop projects.


This free modern rounded font is beautiful and fun free. It is ideal for all types of casual graphic designs. Many designers who want free fonts for PhotoShop that perfectly fit in with lifestyle and social media trends and children’s designs choose it.


Daytonia is an eye-catching hand lettering script font. It features a modern-vintage graphic design. Besides, the font comes with swashes, alternates, multilingual support, and more. Daytonia is ideal for designing posters, invitation cards, greeting cards, and you can edit it using PhotoShop.


Hazard is a stylish, free-market graphic design font. It is most suitable for individuals who are working on a flyer or poster designs.  You can use it to craft responsive titles and headings. This stylish font comes with lots of swashes and a full set of characters. Moreover, you can use it for free with your personal projects.


Camar is a free font that designers use to create unique headings and titles. Other than a vintage-themed design, this creative font features unique character designs that make designs stand out.


This is a handwritten calligraphy-style font that features a creative character design. It can be used to design anything, from greeting cards and invitations cards to posters and badges.


Playlist is a special font designed for creating all types of creative design projects.  One of its versions is neatly handwritten lettering. The other is a loose, dry brush script. When these fonts are used together, designers do not need to waste time pairing fonts.


Kitten is acute and creative. It is more than pretty. The front is fun, positively feline, and unique.  It was created with 14 different weights and a full collection of cute kitty dingbats.


There are thousands of free fonts for Photoshop out there, but you must remember that many of them were not designed with your design needs in mind. Again, the pricing factor often proves the hurdle for most budget-strapped designers. But as challenging as finding the best Photoshop fonts can be, taking time to assess your specific needs will prove key to your eventual success. You are a step closer to achieving magnificence with the above free Photoshop design fonts.

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