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Best Free Fonts for Designers

The key to producing visually appealing designs at no cost is choosing the top free fonts. As a designer, you always need more valuable fonts, no matter how many you own. The reason for this is simple: the number of fonts that you have determines the quality of your artwork.  Read on for a collection of 10 beautiful free fonts that you will love to get your hands on.

1. Canvas

Canvas is great for designers who want a modest and professional type font that effectively manipulates the thickness in each letter’s details. If you are looking for creativity and formality in the same font, it is best for you.

2. Alegraya

Alegraya is among the few fonts designed for specific purposes that are not thick on the ground. The award-winning typeface was developed with book design in mind. It’s dynamic and varied rhythm is suitable for the reading of lengthy texts.

3. Emberly

Emberly feels classic and modern but can also be used as a variable font. This fantastic free font’s unique features make it one of the top solutions for plenty of design projects, including posters, headlines, logos, and magazine covers.

4. Rude

Rude is another classic free font that is also free for commercial and personal use. The font feels original and familiar, which makes it one of the best options out there. It is best for posters, headlines, magazines, titles, apparel, and much more.

5. Grenze

This famous Roman and blackletter font style inspired Grenze.  As such, it is as readable as it is punchy. In other words, the font’s visual punch does not sacrifice readability. Moreover, even though the font was designed for magazines, pro designers use it for a more comprehensive design range.

6. Cormorant

Cormorant is an elegant font that the 16th-century Claude Garamont typefaces inspired.  But this formal font is not derivative.  The glyphs that have been drawn from scratch strike an outstandingly lovely balance between expressiveness and formality.

7. Arctic

The Arctic offers designers a great way to give their headlines some unique character. You can give it a try if you need a font with a modern edge.

8. Colus

Colus is best known for creating imposing headlines. This free display font has a classical appearance. Besides adding imposing headlines, it is excellent to introduce sophistication to poster designs and add modern features to logos.

9. Slabo

Slabo is a collection of size-specific web-design fonts. They are fine-tuned mainly to be used at the appropriate pixel sizes. Its blocky ligature feel makes the font ideal for online designs.

10. Merriweather

Merriweather is a popular font that is available through an open-source license. You can use it with your Adobe Fonts account. This font is easy to read. It features slightly condensed letterforms, larger x-height, sturdy serifs, mild diagonal stress, and open forms.

Are free fonts good for you?

It is fair to say that many free design fonts are not the best. But you can find some that are genuinely brilliant if you take your time to conduct thorough research. The above list of our top-10 best free fonts offers that ultimate help. Go check them out yourself and leave your comments.

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