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Free Fonts for Cricut

Mastering how to use Cricut is a great way to take your font, creating crafts to a higher level.  Even though there are several readily available fonts, you may want to create some better and more attractive ones on your own. You can Cricut to meet this need. Start by learning how to install your fonts.

How to Install Your Fonts

Here are simple steps that anyone can follow to install any font in Cricut.

Step 1: Choose the Best Font

Some free fonts are of low quality and cannot give you the best result.  So, find one of the most secure and reliable places to download free fonts for Cricut.  For example, you can visit, where there are plenty of fonts designed for a wide variety of purposes.

Step 2: Download the Font Files

Download and save the zip file to the desired location on your computer. After that, you need to right-click on the zip folder to extract the font file and then click to find the TTF or OTF files. Choose one and install it for all users.  Remember, if you fail to install the app for everyone, it may fail to appear in Cricut. Users are programs that require permission to utilize the files on your computer.

Step 3: Open Design Space

If the space was open, close, and then open it again. This will give the fonts a chance to download fully.

Places to Download Free Fonts for Cricut

As we said, there are plenty of platforms where you can download a wide variety of fonts at no cost. Some of these are:


This is the most popular platform where you can find lots of free fonts. Some of them are available at a cost, but you can always try out the base letters before making a buying decision.

1001 Free Fonts

1001 Free Fonts is one of the easiest-to-use options. It features filtering mechanisms that enable you to narrow down the font selection as you desire.

Font Squirrel

This platform has important categorizations and tags that most Cricut users find useful. You can use them to narrow down your font choice for your craft type or your preferred style.

Font Bundles

Font Bundles displays the fonts with graphics and illustrations, which can serve as an incredible inspiration. Many Cricut users visit it to find a single font for a project and create several inspirational projects with many different fonts.

Free Fonts for Cricut

Some of the popular free fonts for Cricut are:

  • Quite magical
  • Randomly cute
  • Mother tongue
  • Good unicorn
  • Jelly fruit
  • Fall is coming
  • Bad unicorn
  • October twilight
  • Whale I tried
  • My happy ending
  • Lucy the cat
  • Watermelon script


Once you have downloaded your free fonts, you should go ahead and upload them to Cricut. As we have seen, the process is simple. You can install the fonts on Android, iPad, and iPhone devices at your convenience.

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