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TOP-10 Best Calligraphy Fonts

Using the right font can improve the appearance of any marketing presentation. Calligraphy fonts are often the best ones to use when you want to bring charm and elegance to a project.  Depending on your needs, you can choose formal, casual, retro, or modern calligraphy fonts. Due to advanced technology, you do not need to worry about hiring an expensive calligrapher. You can conveniently find the best calligraphy fonts online. Read on for the top-10 best calligraphy fonts that you can use at your convenience.

1. Alex Brush

Alex Brush is a classic, free calligraphy font that is clear and legible.  It also has adequate space between each letter. As such, you can use it even for dense paragraphs.

2. Adreno Script Demo Regular

This calligraphy font is exceptionally playful and fun. That makes it your ideal option whenever the design intent is highly lighthearted.

3. Bukhari Script

This is another bold font. It also fluctuates in shading, which is the reason it appears vintage and old-school. If you want to invoke nostalgia in your marketing, use it.

4. Easy November

Easy November is swoopy and exaggerated. It is suitable for titles or branded items due to this quality. The font’s attractiveness makes it appropriate for plenty of platforms.

5. Balqis

This is a folksy font without any exaggeration. Besides, it does not appear too formal. Designers who are creating projects such as book covers find it suitable.

6. Great Day

Great Day is both conservative and retro. And this makes it ideal for playful signs or titles and professional presentations. Designers love that the spacing between the letters is adequate to enable people to read with ease.

7. Arizonia Regular

Arizonia Regular is a wide script font that is widely known for being super artistic. But it is easy to read. So, it is best used for fun campaigns.

8. Lamara Pen

This is the classic and stunning handwriting of the developer, Lamar Mirabeau.  It results in a stylish and elegant calligraphic font that leaves letters artistically joined one with another.

9. Quigley Wiggly

This calligraphic font sounds so goofy, but it does not look as it sounds. One of its features that often stand out is the bold style. It makes the font suitable for creating tiles for a wide variety of campaigns that one might be hosting.

10. Hummingbird

Hummingbird is one of the old-fashioned calligraphic fonts out there. Unlike many others, it is stylish and has numerous cursive details as well as stylish scripts.  The style font appears uniform and perfectly disciplined. The letter variation is also elegant and makes the font the best for complementing your design layouts.


The above calligraphic fonts, as you will surely find out, are unique and can bring some handcrafted feel to your projects. There are thousands of these fonts to choose from on the internet, but finding the best one can be a daunting task.  Use this top-10 best list to access tried and tested products that are suitable for a wide variety of your writing needs. The best part- you can get them either free or at incredibly affordable prices.

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