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Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Fonts we use on websites, ads, apps, product packaging, and more affect all of us in many subtle ways. If you want your commercial project to stand out, you need the right font choice. The good news is there are thousands of fonts that you can use for free. Read on for some of the most useful free fonts for commercial use.

Teen Font

Teen is a font with too high x-height and is available in regular, bold, light, and italics. The font comes with a desktop license that allows free commercial use. This means you can install the font on your computer and use it to create game graphics, t-shirts, videos, signs, posters, web graphics, and more at no cost. But if you want to embed the font on any other thing that the desktop license does not cover, you have to find distributors who offer a suitable license.

FatCow Font

FatCow is a freely available regular pattern font you many designers and developers use for commercial purposes. The downloadable font was created in 2010 and supports three major platforms: Unicode, Macintosh, and Microsoft. It belongs to the Sans serif family of fonts, is semi-light and semi-condensed in weight and width respectively.


Restora is a serif type family of 16 fonts and is the best for bringing your editorial designs to life. The best fonts take a classic style and give it the perfect twist, and that is what Restora does. This versatile font offers a classic combination of user-friendly letterforms and old-style embellishment.  Due to this, it is one of the best commercial fonts for editorial text, branding, book covers, and more.

Libertinus Serif

Libertinus is not only famous for being a free font designed for commercial use. It is best known as the ideal font for adding a touch of class to design projects. The classic-looking font comes in 14 styles that address some of the bugs in the Linux Biolinum and Linux Libertine.


This is an all caps serif font with strong angular serifs that make it an ideal choice for imposing newspaper-style headlines.  A neat and easy-to-read numeric makes the font perfect for getting designs noticed.


Poly is a medium-contrast serif font that is suitable for commercial use. It was designed to give more legibility than other web serifs. Poly achieves this goal with a vertical emphasis since it uses short ascenders and too high x-height.

Crimson Text

Crimson Text is among the few fonts designed for book production. Garamond-esque book typefaces inspired it. Notably, the sophisticated serif makes an excellent alternative to traditional Gramond-esque typefaces. Its expressive italic pairs nicely with strong, geometric sans serifs.

Why free fonts for Commercial Use?

Here is why you would go for free fonts for commercial use- there’s quality out here. (Simple and straight). Many font designers work hard to give you the best solutions but want to profit in return. But in case you are just starting, you may not have the luxury to pay their fees. Our list offers you the top free fonts for commercial use that you can check out. Take a tour.

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